Lush-cious Haul

For someone who’s completely obsessed with beauty, and who has watched way too many beauty videos on YouTube, it may come as a surprise to you that I’ve never bought anything from Lush.

It’s been one of those brands that I’ve always wanted to try, but have felt completely out of my comfort zone when in the store as I wasn’t familiar with all of their unique products.

As a vegetarian, and someone who genuinely cares what happens to this planet, I felt like it was my obligation to try some Lush products. Having completed all my exams, I knew it was time to embark on a new Lush-cious chapter in my life.

As expected, the staff were lovely and really helped me find something that would suit me and my preferences when it comes to scent. I picked up a few things to try out, and undoubtedly I will be back for more before this year comes to a close.

Lush body gel

I picked two different shower gels as I was in need of some. Grass is what you would expect when you hear the name – it smells like grass. But Grass also is full of deep woody undertones which are totally my thing. I used it for the first time this morning, and trust me when I say, grass is good. I was completely skeptical when purchasing this, particularly because I’ve been told that I’m allergic to grass, but I got to test it in-store and had no reaction to it. When you use it the “grass” smell fades and you’re left with a completely earthy scent that lingers after your shower. I think it’s quite sexy, and one men would like as well.

The second is Twilight, which is a deep purple, with micro shimmer in it (which I didn’t notice until I got home, so we’ll see how that works out). I was told by the guy at the store that he uses Grass as his everyday, invigorating shower gel, while Twilight is something he likes to use to relax. People, go smell it. It’s like maple syrupie goodness with a hint of lavender. It’s amazing, I love it, and I can’t wait to use it.

Lush cinders


The next three items I purchased were for the bath, as that’s what I know Lush for. I picked up two bath ballistics, or bath bombs, in Phoenix Rising and Cinders. Phoenix Rising has quite a musky scent while Cinders is packed with cinnamon leaf oil and orange oil, topped off with orange-coloured popping candy.


I also got one of the Bubbleroon’s in Rose Jam. It is a bubble bar that you can split in half, allowing two uses from the product. This is a lot “wetter” (for lack of a better word) then the bath ballistics, so I feel like I may have to be using this one first, but it smells beautifully sweet and rosy, as suggested by its name.


Lastly, I chucked in the Popcorn lip scrub when I was at the checkout. The Lush newspaper states it’s “back by popular demand”, and I can see why. To be honest, it doesn’t smell like popcorn, but it does smell like buttery, coconutty, sugary goodness. Rub this over your lips, then lick it off. Perfect, right? No fuss, no mess – delicious.

So to conclude, I’ve been converted.

Do you like Lush? What are some of your recommendations?

Hannah x


3 thoughts on “Lush-cious Haul

  1. I use their solid shampoo, Trichomania, which smells lovely and looks like it’s going to last me ages. I love Lush – their environmental values are something I wish other companies followed.

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